BobRobert “Bob” Carman, Senior Manager has more than 30 years of experience managing large government and commercial programs specializing in domestic and global technical business strategy, program management, cutting edge business practices, business cultural change processes and techniques for understanding/managing complex businesses, including technical operations, business process improvement, service product lifecycle, enterprise IT, business quality and execution, and developing approaches which strengthen the people side of emerging organizations. Subject Matter Expert in Cost-as-an-Independent-Variable (CIV) and helping clients develop new products for commercial or aerospace applications involving cutting edge technology using virtually collocated team capabilities and management systems applied to all aspects of the emerging enterprise.

Carman has a PhD in Physics from Harvard University and a Professional Certificate in Program Management.

Experience/Career Highlights

  • Borealis Exploration Limited: Successfully led the development of a high power density electric motor, its integration into the test aircraft and the proof of concept testing (with Boeing)
  • 20 years in industry as a program manager at Rockwell, later bought by Boeing, leading programs for Rockwell and Boeing across all of southern California in development of rocket engines, a booster rocket, military communication satellite, including both design and development
  • 15 years in the research community as a physicist and as an executive manager of complex research projects at MIT Lincoln Laboratory, Lawrence Livermore National Lab (LLNL) and Los Alamos National Lab (LANL) and was regarded as an expert of international recognition.
  • Developed intellectual property for a Program Management Effectiveness Assessment and pilot demonstrations for both domestic and global customers