VYD and Associates’ clients include a diversity of government, commercial and non-profit clients to include the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL), Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech) and the East Lake Foundation.

Our experience includes:


  • Public Health
  • Federal Healthcare
  • Healthcare IT
  • Health Industry Advisory
  • Health Outcomes

Aerospace & Defense

  • Department of Defense
  • Defense Contractors
  • Technical Operations
  • Avionics

Financial Services

  • Corporate PMO
  • Enterprise Governance
  • IT Finance
  • Financial Literacy
  • Bank Operations
  • Bank Receiverships


  • Community Development Corporations
  • Charter Schools
  • Foundations
  • Program Development
  • Performance Measurement
  • Fundraising Strategy

Research on Veteran Women & Business

Research, literature review and assessment of industry best practice to develop content for interactive website offering relevant, timely information supporting women in non-traditional occupations in construction, transportation and security.



Opportunities for Women to Build,
Transport, and Protect America

Research, comprehensive literature review and analysis of Survey of Business Owners (SBO) data to analyze challenges specific to Veteran Women-Owned Businesses (VWOBs). Qualitative assessment of VWOB owners and procurement stakeholders to explore key themes from literature review. Expansion of content knowledge on challenges specific to veteran women-owned business. Provided actionable, policy-oriented recommendations and identified gaps in existing body of knowledge.


Women Veterans’ Employment Research

Identified gaps in research and employment policy to address the needs and issues specific to women veterans, provide current state and gap analysis, identified research gaps, make policy recommendations to enable research-informed policy decisions.

GTRI Organizational Effectiveness Assessment

Assessment of GTRI business processes to achieve greater visibility, interaction and support between GTRI and the Georgia Tech main campus. Approach included extensive survey of GTRI stakeholders to identify critical issues, followed by interviews of representative sample to gain greater visibility to challenges and make business process recommendations.


Effort to Outcomes Implementation

VYD and Associates managed the design, implementation and deployment of Efforts to Outcomes (ETO) pilot at East Lake Foundation (ELF) as phase one of its deployment across Purpose Built Communities network. The outcomes measurement pilot included collection, analysis and reporting of data on the effectiveness of ELF programs and partners, defining project objectives and measurable outcomes, current state assessment of metrics, and evaluating reporting requirements and metrics for national funding initiatives like Healthy People 2020, USDA, Promise Neighborhoods and Strive. eastlake


Additional clients include: